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The IELTS program with Ray A. Gapuz Review System is a training that is tailored to the candidate's learning style and learning needs! Infused with live discussions, group and one-on-one brainstorming sessions, drills, simulations, and mock tests in all the four macro skills, the course progressively enhances the candidates' overall English competence.

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How the program works:

Preliminary Test

The candidates are given a pre-assessment in all the four macro skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) for the mentor to examine the areas where each candidate needs more guidance in. All data is then collated by the mentor to prepare a suitable teaching-learning system that works for the group with regard to their individual needs.

Comprehensive Review

Each day, a skill is targeted with attention to how it should be used in the IELTS. In this part, the candidates are given one-on-one speaking and writing feedback sessions, and group collaboration to share ideas on the tasks given. After every three meetings, they are provided with a mock test to monitor their progress. Depending on the progress, the program may get more intensive for the candidates to see and feel their own improvement.


In this phase, they are given the final mock test where their outputs are checked on the same day. They are then interviewed and oriented about their strengths and progress throughout the course. Further, they are given final tips on how they can maintain the skills they will have developed at the end of the program so that they can use them in the actual examination.
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